Don´t talk like that about your native country, go and live somewhere else
    instead if it´s not good enough for you in Suomi-Finland.

  2. Yes I was up at 06:00 this morning had a read over some research papers
    then when out for a 2 hour cycle and I am now using youtube for a few
    hours. Since you are following me around youtube do you actually have a
    life outside youtube.

  3. There is one common theme in US college universities and that is the
    inability to teach without political, corporate, or religious association.

  4. “you are so wrong” is a figure of speech. it is not meant to be taken
    literally. I declare that you are an illiterate foreigner. Please stick
    with channels from your own country with your native language and quit
    embarrassing yourself.

  5. You can’t not have an emphasis on standardized tests and start school at
    age 7, etc. with a population that is greater than some critical minimum

  6. Finland would be the best if it wasn’t for all those annoying metal bands
    and fans and for the fact that we have always an will always suck in

  7. “we don´t have any bad teacher´s there…” at 51:37 or just before that.
    i`ll say to that BULLSH*T as a person who has completed the finnish school

  8. This is brilliant in so many ways. The problem with the U.S. is that there
    is so much corruption as a result of their competitive capitalist ideology.

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