FBI PFT Test – Workout Routine For The FBI Fitness Test


FBI PFT Test – Workout Routine For The FBI Fitness Test

FBI Fitness Test – Workout Routines For Recruits

Whether you want to become a police officer for your city, state and/or for the federal government there is a mandatory fitness test that you will have to pass before you are offered the job. You see, all law enforcement agencies require their applicants to take a physical fitness test. Some applicants will sail through the fitness test without a problem, while others will fail miserably.

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The percentage of those that fail the test are different from agency to agency, but I would guess that the FBI fitness test maybe the highest compared to other law enforcement agencies. I base my findings largely on the difficult fitness standards imposed by the Justice Department.

The FBI pft test was designed to evaluate a potential recruits aerobic power (1.5 mile run), Anaerobic power (300 meter sprint), and physical strength (push ups and sit-ups). The FBI are looking for agents who are not only intelligent, but are physically fit as well.

Best Workouts To Train For The FBI PFT Test:

When training for the FBI physical fitness test you must understand that you will need to follow a workout program that incorporates strength training and cardiovascular improvement. If you do one without the other, you will fail. It is really that simple.

One workout routine that is by far the best for the FBI agility test is high intensity interval training. Interval training consist of doing short bouts of high impact training like sprinting, followed by low impact activity exercise like a jog or a fast walk.

If you follow the interval training model when doing cardio or strength training, you will without a doubt get into shape faster than you ever thought possible.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re preparing for your first FBI physical fitness test or you are retaking it after failing it on your first attempt, you must follow an FBI Workout Program to prepare.

The best way to get prepared is by getting a step-by-step workout manual tailor made for the FBI PFT test. You can download one such manual at www.passthepolicefitnesstest.com/FBI-Workout-Guide

Officer Forestal has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, 8 years law enforcement experience and is a graduate of the 2002 Police Corps, where he was recognized as an expert shooter. Former Collegiate all-American, certifield personal trainer and author of several fitness and police related books such as the Police Oral Board Success Guide, and Police Exam For Dummies. As a Law Enforcement enthusiast, E.L. has helped hundreds of candidates “ACE” their respective entrance exam and the oral board interview.

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