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  2. Holy crap yeah we must give education so we can stop ADS! i mean ADS is
    everywhere, especially in the internetz! we must warn of ADS and LINKS!

  3. “It must be remembered that the purpose of education is not to fill the
    minds of students with facts…it is to teach them to think.”

  4. Andromahi Griniwti on

    λοιπον παιδια και εγω σαν τσιγκανακι σεβομαι τετοιου ειδουσ
    εκπαιδευση……πραγματικα μπραβο!!! * p.s. i am poor give me money!!!…

  5. @ItsPalm Indeed; “Parts of china had 3% drop rate know its 40%”. We count 5
    grammatical mistakes, if you include the lack of a space between the period
    at the end of the last sentence and the beginning of this one. Ha!

  6. น่าสงสารมากเป็นตัวอย่างที่น่าสงสารมากกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกก

  7. Clarson Garcia on

    The video was outstanding BUT I was a little errr that this is an
    advertisement. As if film-making would benefit the world, pssssssh. Of
    course I’m overgeneralizing but oh wel

  8. I loved the whole thing. This is SOOO true, & I’m so glad you are stressing
    the importance, but the ARTS programs :) This is now in my favorites. Oh, &
    big-ups to the fact that this was posted on my birthday, Subscribed!!

  9. The reason is that kids don’t care. Not all but alot. 75% of American high
    school students can’t find canada or Mexico on a map. 50% cant name the 4
    oceans. Yeah. Really.

  10. I think pigs will fly before most students, no matter where, will jump out
    of bed early in the morning with a big smule on their face ready for
    school. Just saying ;)

  11. AnOscarNominee on

    @Artemis5409 I believe that Ghetto Film School does give great
    opportunities but only for a certain amount of people. Not everyone can be
    a filmmaker, but the school gives a select few an awesome opportunity to
    make something of yourself.

  12. Great video! I wonder though, if simply investment in the public education
    system is enough. To me, it seems a complete overhaul is necessary. GFS
    proves that there’s something missing in the current system, and it’s the
    same thing that Ken Robinson talks about in his famous TED talk. Schools
    aren’t teaching us the skills and attitudes that we need to succeed in the
    21st century.

  13. Well thats what you personally think but i have my say and i would not
    change my point of view just because of other people

  14. im glad im watching this cause im taking an intro to teaching for college.
    thinking about showing this to my professor =D

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