Education For Whom and For What?


Noam Chomsky, a world-renowned linguist, intellectual and political activist, spoke at the University of Arizona on Feb. 8, 2012. His lecture, “Education: Fo…
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Michio Kaku (born January 24, 1947) is an American theoretical physicist, the Henry Semat Professor of Theoretical Physics at the City College of New York, a…
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  1. I’m 18, this year I’ll become 19, I know that entire life is still ahead of
    me and that the world is vast and fascinating. However, when I think about
    future, technology, science, evolution, trans-humanism and possible
    immortality, I’m sad, jealous and terrified of death. I know that in our
    current state of civilization immortality is all but a dream and as there
    is so much to discover, do and see there is not enough time in a lifetime.
    It’s vastly probable that I will not see the next century and its wonders
    so I will never become immortal, I will vanish and three generations
    forward, my name will fade from my descendants memory. How much I would
    give for eternal life, just to see how our civilization develops, or at
    least to be revived in future with all memory and character I have in
    either a mechanical or biological form.

  2. Doesn’t Mr Kaku know about squirrels and dogs storing food for the future?
    Maybe just a few months or a season, but still.

  3. Existence Is! Always is. Only Is.
    What is Is?
    One in All – and All in One.
    Holographic Consciousness.
    You are That. That Is You.
    What you give out is what you get back.
    Such is the ever changing by which Existence knows itself ever new. Each
    moment is unique assemblage from Infinite probability. Whole and without
    beginning or end.
    There’s simply no time in which to describe this!
    No one to speak it or take heed. Creation has no ‘other’ to discover it but
    only its own Extension of Consciousness that IS All That Is being known,
    knowing itself existing. They are one, knowing and being known are not two.
    To seek what you are without extension (that knows Itself through the act
    of creation) is to ask what you are not to show you what you are.
    If this is what really matters to you then here is your material
    tangibility. This focus of experience is your gift to the All. What matters
    to you is what your desire and intention manifest as the One within the
    All. You are as free as the Infinite that thought you, but in choosing
    limitation you operate within the chosen definitions BECAUSE you choose
    them still. Every perspective is valid but what resonates your core
    signature vibration is true for you. Accepting Only what is true for you,
    gives only as you receive. This releases distortion and welcomes the
    Unified and unifying purpose and synchronicity that Is Creation in
    All that changes is of vibrational charge and frequencies of resonance and
    interference. Big Bang is a point of view. The past is a present
    informational prism to the point of view it generates. There are infinite
    ‘past’s. You can marry your own mother in a parallel reality if that is
    really what you choose imagine and to be. At the most Intimate recognition,
    you can only meet your self – although this self is the recognition of the
    unique Creator light in all. ‘It takes one to know one’ and no one will see
    what they cannot yet believe in themselves. The fearfully separated self
    sees itself in all. Mind is quite impartial to what is extended or
    projected. But if we give and receive limitation, conflict and denial, we
    do not recognize our experience as our gift, and struggle within the terms
    we set the measure of ourselves.

  4. Anyway there is a different theory from string theory that is “quantum loop
    gravity” that can be a very good theory to mix together relativity and
    quantum mechanics. And string theory have no proves right now ’cause LHC
    haven’t found yet any supersimmetrcal particle

  5. Brian Toblerone on

    It’s sad to see that this over accommodation to the stupid and useless will
    slowly overrun our society to the point of extinction…… WE DIDN’T

    Forget it… I’ll be watchin Duck Dynasty or Long Island Medium.

  6. Jennifer Isaacs on

    Even though an older video on topics that have been talked about it is
    still intriguing to think about these things.

    Though humans often create ideas and concepts, but many still rather focus
    on the superstition subjectively besides the facts.

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  8. Slava Rodionov on

    Evolution of “the universe”:
    Ball spins with great speed around its axis, from its equator departs
    galaxy reach zero speed and fall back into the ball.
    Rotation of the ball slows down, stops the release of galaxies.

  9. Michio Kaku I believe suffers from one flawed concept…. Science has not
    created anything new! Nothing!!! We have simply studied what has already
    been created and science has yet to produce one single thing that can
    create from nothing. To support the atheistic claims that are met through
    scientific”””Discovery””” you will have to learn to create matter from
    within the void of existence. Man has yet to discover this void and yet to
    experience true creation. There is absolutely no discovery to date that
    would suggest that man will ever reach this point. So the basis of our
    scientific “””Discovery””” and advancement will always be limited by
    whatever being that was capable of creating from nothing.

  10. Physics is for everyone, it’s everyone’s right to learn about stuff around
    them. MAKE PHYSICS FREE!!! This is how I exactly think of Physics, just
    curious of what everything is around me. Thanks Michio! ;)

  11. 1:33:50 Only an american college would give their top scientists a computer
    screen from the 90s.
    Hopefully the computer is at least slightly newer, but it looks like it’s
    running windows xp…
    Oh america, you and your whacky education system, how does it really work?
    Maybe it’s an old video, but it can’t be more then 2-3 years old.

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