Donald Trump’s Loss Of Greatness


Donald Trump’s Loss Of Greatness

In recent weeks Donald Trump has lost his greatness. People already knew him as a great personality, real estate developer, and showman. He had a chance to become more, to step beyond his ego, to become a visionary, a leader, someone to inspire the people to become great like him. Unfortunately he decided to step in the realm of ignorance, hate, bigotry and fear. He has decided to promote lies and hateful propaganda for ratings.


This country needs people to step into their greatness. To show others how to rise above the pain and fear to be more. Oprah Winfrey is an example of someone who has shown others how to become more. She does this with her TV shows, magazines, and contributions. She used celebrity not only to make herself wealthy but to create change in a positive way.


Donald Trump has decided to go the other direction – to use his celebrity and wealth to create fear and hate. He has chosen to slip on a mask of lies, and in doing so gave up the chance to be great; to use his name, is vision, his power for something other than the glorification of himself. 


Most of us live our lives day by day. We try to be good and to do the right things, feed our family, and to show our children how to be in this life. But every now and again we have an opportunity to step into our greatness, to be more, to do more than just for ourselves or our families. We have the chance to touch lives beyond lives. Donald Trump has had many opportunities to step into greatness to change the nature of the world. Not only to provide wealth for his children and grandchildren but to provide a better future and vision for the world around him.


In deciding to place a mask of lies around him, he decided to be less. He decided to be a common politician. To be just common. The sad part is that with so many opportunities he has decided not to take the challenge of greatness. He has chosen the safe route. Still, we must honor Donald’s choice to be less. He will always have a good life, but he missed the opportunity to make our lives better, and that deserves pity.


Just as Donald had his chance to be great and walked away from it, we will have our own chances to step in to our own personal greatness; to be more than we are now, to provide vision for those around us, to be able to say to our children and our grandchildren that we made the world a better place. We all have greatness inside of us. The hardest part is to recognize it, and to step into it when we have the opportunity. Sometimes the opportunities come in small baby steps. Sometimes the opportunities for greatness will happen all at once. A part of us must always be on the lookout for these opportunities to be great, to act great.


At the end of the day the question is simple. Do we want to be less than who we could be? Do we want to be safe and do nothing? Or do we want to step in to greatness? We can be great not only for ourselves and our children, but more importantly for the world around us.

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