1. Dr Wood has a clear and disciplined mind. She doesn’t contort any facts,
    she can be asked things from any angle and is able to answer openly without
    crumpling. Her relaxed style comes from her honesty, because she’s not
    trying to fit her answers to a preconceived ‘story’ or theory, she works
    the other way and sticks to facts and evidence. Her assertion that the the
    key to deducing who may be responsible is knowing what happened applies
    every time, to every crime. If you leave out that step and just guess, or
    allow yourself to be told what happened, you may never know the truth. 


  3. Not seen this show before. Well done format. I will look for more of
    them. Dr. Woods did not address the 1,200 jumpers from the towers. It has
    been pointed out, most of these people were undressing to one degree or

  4. Satan’s Formula

    For years I’ve been looking at major news events, and I have been
    looking for a common link between all of them.
    The Norway shooting, birds dropping from ski, 911, Gifford shooting,
    Kennedy assignation, Flotilla, School shootings, India bombings, and too
    many to list hear,,,

    All the crazy things that are going on today. What they have in Common –

    1) they are major news events.
    2) their is some kind of dead body or body’s or dead animals.
    3) the News Media tells us what we should think.
    4) The Fax just don’t seem to add up
    5) we seam to forget these things, until they happen again,
    6) the events seem to be leading up to something
    7 ) people seem to be arguing, about just what happened, controversy.
    8) nothing seems to change no one gets arrested no one gets the handcuffs
    put on them
    9) evidence is removed from the crime scene.

  5. I just thought of this. I know the powers that be like to show us stuff in
    TV shows and movies and Dr. Wood’s videos that I watched talked about the
    people levitating. Well anyone ever saw the movie Watchmen? At the end when
    the bomb goes off the people levitated before being evaporated in NYC. Was
    that then kinda throwing it in our face and laughing at us the public?

  6. To keep it simple, the lack of debris and seismic activity proves her
    point,and that nothing else could have caused it

  7. A while back I listened to her and a male acolyte on a radio show hosted by
    a cooperative host. They could have talked at length as they chose but
    spent most of their time criticizing the 9/11 truth movement.

  8. Learn of the Jesuit order on

    The U.S. is controlled by the Jesuit order. That’s how it is that so many
    in a position over the people can say something like “have you got a death
    wish” in exposing this. The American people think they have a country and
    rights, and that is not reality. We will also be disarmed in the future.

  9. I dont know what to think,i never even eard of this before,i always taught
    it was an inside job but i tought it was an implosion,but i mean,u cant
    deny what were seeing in this video,some things really do seem to turn to
    dust,and that makes it that more disturbing

  10. This carpet bagger just sucks of the gullible who buy her book…a senior
    twoofer who declares with no evidence what so ever that a “Tesla type
    devise” dustified 3 skyscrapers! No device can make steel and concrete
    skyscrapers go “poof” ok…she is just trying to get attention and sell
    books…fuck off Judy Woods!!!

  11. Surely a more plausible explanation for the eradication of the towers is
    the use of nuclear technology – the energetic dust clouds are very similar
    in nature to those observed at Hiroshima. Dr Wood has made some excellent
    observations, but her directed energy explanation borders on the outer
    fringes of absurdity – she’ll be telling us that the moon is a Death Star

  12. The woman has no shame. She goes around saying in effect that the WTC was
    destroyed by a magic ray gun, while insinuating, but not actually coming
    out and claiming, that it got it’s energy from a hurricane hundreds of
    miles away, presumably via a giant extension cord linked up with the eye of
    the hurricane. She goes around spewing and misusing the word “evidence”
    while having no evidence at all to support that her claims are even
    possible. I am curious as to who published her book.

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