Danity Kane – Ride For You (Lyrics)


[Verse 1 – Aundrea] Lately, I’ve been tryna fight whatever’s pulling us under it’s got a hold and really making me wonder what it takes to get through I gott…

Slow ride, take it easy – Slow ride, take it easy, Slow ride, take it easy – Slow ride, take it easy. I’m in the mood, the rhythm is right, Move to the music…
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  1. AmiaRancetta Ali Greer on

    Awesome!! I dedicated the song to my son. Thank you for the researched
    terms…its a realistic song for me..

  2. I loved Danity Kane.. Andrea Dawn Aubrey was it Shannon and someone else
    .. I remember making the band… I thought they would have progressed but
    as we all know Diddy groups.. last a hot second.. but his coins dont

  3. The melody of the song is the same as Marques Houston Circle because it was
    produced by the same producer, Brian Cox, and I’ll also add that this was
    released before Circle. HA! Go girls. Loved them. 

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