Clinton Vs Obama Vs Republicans – May the Best Candidate Win!


Clinton Vs Obama Vs Republicans – May the Best Candidate Win!

In the majority of the American people’s minds, Democrat Barack Obama is regarded as a man who can bring about change. Another United States candidate for The White House Oval office is Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has a proven political track record for more than 35 years. Obama, who is literally considered as a newcomer to politics, is confident he can secure not only the super delegates to win the Democratic nomination, but also become a black president. While Hillary touts experience, Barack stands on grounds of humility and desiring to reshape Washington politics once potentially elected. Both agree on ending the Iraq war and bringing troops home.

Hillary Rodham Clinton has dealt with adversity in many events of her lifetime. She is highly respected by both political parties, as well as liberals, the green party and independents, such as New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, who once said that Hillary is “very electable”. Hillary fought for what she believes in, also standing by her husband, William Jefferson Clinton, in the time of his U.S. oval office woes. A wonderful thing about this woman, full of positive accomplishment, is that not only was she the former first lady of The White House, but successfully transitioned into a New York City Senator directly after her husband Bill’s term was over as a Democratic President. Indeed, Mrs. Clinton has surely left a footprint in politics worth remembering good things about, when it comes to potentially voting for her.

A lot of people are surprised to see that her rival, a fellow Democrat, whose middle name is “Hussein” spelled the same way as the last name of former Iraqi president Saddam, is endeavoring to make his personal mark in U.S. history. “Barack Hussein Obama” preaches change for the American people, through “healthcare reform” , bringing soldiers home from Mesopatamia, known as Iraq, along with internal rearranging of “in house catering to special interests” in Washington. He also comes across American voters with humility, although he has not been in politics as long as Clinton, who is also humble. In Illinois, Senator Obama has fought hard for poor working class communities to be equally treated financially as well as otherwise such as the wealthy by the government. People are also saying that they feel a sense of “hope” when they listen to the Illinois senator campaign for president from state to state.

Are we ready for a black president? Is it time for a woman to grace the oval office, breaking political barriers in United States political history, where most male politicians feel the position of oval office president is only suited for a man? While some polls show that Barack is ahead of Hillary in certain states as far as pre-polling is concerned, they say that he may be the next “John Hancock” ,heading up politics in Washington. He has the support of all races of people, The Kennedy family, including Maria Shriver, television talk show host Oprah Winfrey, billionaire investment bankers, as well as Hollywood celebrities. On the other hand, Hillary Rodham Clinton has enormous support herself from many, such as Robert Johnson, founder of BET Television, NBA Basketball’s Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Music Mogul Quincy Jones, and a key number of house Republicans. Let’s not forget her key political backer, former United States President William Jefferson Clinton. The presidential debates heading toward the November 2008 election is certainly a topic worth staying tuned into. In conclusion, which Democrat or Republican candidate do you think will win The White House?

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