Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton


Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton

The most talked-about personalities in the political as well as common circles of the United States are New York Senator, former first lady, Hillary Clinton and the Senator of Illinois, Barack Obama. The interesting political significance about these two is that both are potential rival Presidential candidates for the 2008 elections in the United States, who hardly seem to possess any political difference of opinions against each other.

They have already induced in opinion poll organizers, politicians as well as commoners, a great deal of curious guessing mentalities. Internet statistics have also revealed that this issue has raked-in the most amounts of search interests among Internet users. Another interesting statistics regarding the popularity levels of these personalities reveals significant results.

Popularity levels among public for these two personalities analysed through the Internet-usage is pertains to the geographic area of the population generating interests in either of these two.

The data shows Barack Obama’s popularity more among people living in Illinois, California, Florida, Ohio and Michigan predominantly. However, Hillary Clinton’s popularity was concentrated more in the areas of Kansas, New York, Hawaii, New Jersey, and Missouri. The data is quite clear to the extent that it definitely shows their popularity in and around their respective hometowns.

Considering the facts from their latest consensus on voting against the confirmation of Chief Justice John Roberts to issues like the war declared on Iraq, there seems to be not much of a difference in their opinions in the political front. Both of them voted against withdrawal of most of the U.S forces from Iraq as per the enactment of Sen. Russ Feingold’s measure. The same was the case when they both had voted similarly against the immigration bill in the Senate.

There have been a few isolated cases of their political disagreements. It was during the time when the mandate for automakers was passed in the Senate. The mandate was proposed in the senate forcing automobile manufacturers to achieve a fuel economy of 40 mile per gallon by 2017. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had voted for and against it respectively. However, predominantly there seems to have been little political differences and have always voted in tandem in most of the issues.

Hence, most politicians and journalists opine t that the dividing line could be predominantly determined only by the intangible characteristics. Senator Obama’s preference towards futuristic, youthful and charismatic thinking is quite popular among the public in the United States. Senator Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments as a mature, shrewd Senator and an ace politician, has gained her much popularity among the public.

However, be it considering Internet popularity rates, or even the intangible characteristics, it would be too early to predict their vote banks within the population. It would surely take a few more months, after their election campaigns start heating up one could again start using special tools to predict their popularities.

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