Apple Trees


Apple Trees

  Apple Trees is a clean, fresh portrait of a simple miracle- the fruit born from trees. This painting depicts a few beautiful red apples in dramatic close up, there skin and sheen so real you can nearly smell them. This painting utilizes an eye pleasing triangular arrangement and variations of similar, well blended colors, from the very light and airy to the deeper and more intense. The brush strokes are carefully placed and in some cases, very bold, creating a contrast between the points where the paint is very smoothly blended and the parts in which it is meant to stand out. This visibility of the paint strokes in some places makes the viewer very aware that they are looking at a painting, and begs the viewer to take the time to study the techniques employed in this masterful original artwork. The fact that the painting calls attention to the fact that it is a painting makes it a great point from which to begin a conversation. The eye catching nature of the bold still life depiction in this piece and it’s conversation worthy aesthetic touches make it a great addition to any living space. It’s clean portrayal of fresh fruit would make it an easy and pleasing element to be introduced to a kitchen, for example, but it’s warm colors would also make it a great addition to a sitting room of some sort.

Apple Trees is presented on a large single canvas. This simple presentation suits the simple subject very well and allows the viewer to really focus on the more interesting elements of this original painting, rather than it’s design on multiple canvases. The single canvas design serves to keep the eye focused on the smooth lines and interesting technical elements of this piece, in addition it keeps a simplistic, clean vibe that is in sync with the subject matter. The canvas’s single panel layout also makes it ideal for a number of living spaces. It is a rather conventional size that will fit attractively on many different wall spaces and it’s size makes it very manageable for mounting. If you enjoy the warm colors of this piece you may find other original canvases that appeal to you in the African Canvas section. In addition, Hawain Beauty, another original canvas painting, shares many of the elements that make Apple Trees so compelling- warm colors, smooth lines and interesting brush strokes.


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