A New Basis for Astronaut Dreams


A New Basis for Astronaut Dreams

Though NASA has shut down the space shuttle program, astronomers are still looking the night sky instead of using their mattresses. While many dream of finding a fresh star or even alien life, a few astronomers have recently found treasure over and above their wildest dreams. They have found the galaxy’s largest diamond.

Located in the Centaurous constellation about 50 light years from this planet is a bright dwarf star with specific attributes. By no means in anybody’s wildest dreams on their bed mattresses has anyone ever thought this. This particular white dwarf is actually the crystallized heart of a superstar that was previously as vibrant as the sun but that used up the energy and burnt away. What is left is a gleaming carbon gemstone.

Astronomers have named the galactic diamond “Lucy” following the Beatles track, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”. Just like the diamonds here on the planet, Lucy actually sparkles. The cosmic diamond also experiences constant pulsations which cause it to ring like a giant gong. Nobody can classify Lucy’s diamond grade as of this time. A properly sized jeweler’s loupe does not exist. Lucy’s carat weight has not determined either.

Astronomers researched Lucy’s constant pulsations to be able to determine the star’s interior. It was done in the same way which seismic measurements are used to study Earth’s inside. But this planet’s interior is not a crystallized diamond. This particular new discovery about the white dwarf star tells astronomers a lot regarding our sun.

Astronomers estimate that the sun will burn up in around five million years in the future. Just what that means is that the sun will have used up all its nuclear energy. Astronomers had already figured that similar to a bright dwarf star will be left in the sun’s place. Studying Lucy tells them the sun will probably leave a huge carbon diamond at the middle of the solar system.

They say expensive diamonds are a woman’s best friend. This new discovery will likely cause many kids to dream of expensive diamonds while they sleep upon their mattresses. Astronomers all over the world will be dreaming of diamonds as well – gigantic cosmic gemstones anyway. Ideally, these fresh discoveries regarding Lucy, the galaxy’s biggest diamond, can spur children to grow their dreams toward space. Space research has dropped popularity in recent years. A new era of astronauts might be able to locate even more cosmic treasures.

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