A family holiday in Miami


A family holiday in Miami

Renowned as the Magic City of Florida, Miami lures its visitors from worldwide to come and indulge in activities and amusement. With its numerous sun-kissed sandy beaches boasting pristine azure water, Miami is one popular southern American beach destination. Known as the America’s Casablanca, Miami boasts a colourful culture of Americans, Spaniards, Cubans and Latin Americans with several other colourful communities. Not only its beaches, but also the bustling city-life attracts numerous vacationers to Miami.

The city is also famous for its diversity of cuisines apart from the lip-smacking varieties of seafood dishes served in beach-side restaurants and food-joints. As one most-preferred vacation spot of the US, Miami offers a number of things to see and do for the visitors. Of course, there is a multitude of water activities in Miami that you can enjoy with your family. Apart from the beach activities such as fishing, surfing and swimming, you can also try the exhilarating activities such as jet skiing, para-sailing, windsurfing and sailing. The balmy climate and the warm water ensure that a cheap holiday to Miami can be definitely planned at one’s own convenience throughout the year.

Both the palm fringed Miami and South beaches are popular among the visitors. While the Miami Beach boasts a pulsating life for everyone to enjoy, you and your family can plan to spend an evening at the South Beach to catch the glimpse of the mesmerising sunset. Each of the Miami’s beaches boast glistening white sands with a stunning azure sea. While the water activities will keep your family busy throughout the day, you can plan to shop around and dine at any seaside restaurant to enjoy the delicious food of Miami. 

While visiting the Little Havana, you will get to experience the Cuban culture here. Enjoy strolling around and try some new food varieties at any street-side food stalls and Cuban coffee shops. Miami downtown area is also a great place to visit with your family. With numerous activity and amusement options near the downtown area, you and your family will surely have a great time. Apart from that, you can plan to visit the Miami aquarium housing the 10,000 varieties of marine life. Children will love the exotic creatures such as the sea lions, dolphins, killer whales and the sharks. You can also plan to visit the city museums and planetarium to check out the jaw dropping interactive scientific exhibits and shows. 

If you are planning for a vacation in Miami and looking for cheap flights to Miami, you should constantly check online to get the best deals. During the peak seasons, there are numerous deals with cheap flights Miami offered by a large number of travel operators in the country. With the myriad entertainment and attraction options, Miami is definitely a great destination for family holidays.




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