1. MrOnomatopoiea on

    I hate leering older men who prey on younger men to sate their sick lust!
    The problem with being permissive of homosexuality is where do you draw the
    line with it?

  2. I’m gay. Say what you want and try to tell me who or what I am, but just
    remember, what you say, says more about you than it does me.

  3. Chris Turnblom on

    I don’t know why people use this as a forum to fight over their beliefs
    about homosexuality the poster was asking your opinion on the film.

    Anyway… My opinion:
    Just semantics. Back before we were worried about being “politically
    correct” (thanks a lot, Clinton)
    These days we would use the term “sexual predator” instead of homosexual,
    to avoid offending anyone or being sued.

    Still, a useful public service for the fifties. Today the use of the word
    “homosexual” in the film would cause the film to be taken out of

  4. Homosexuals are indeed mentally ill, in the same way chronically depressed
    people are. The video got that right.

  5. itrollabsolutelyeveryone on

    this is the honest truth. Gays are beady eyed sick monsters who go after
    young boys. They should not be allowed to adopt, or allowed to be
    schoolteachers or any profession where they are around kids. They have
    perverted devious degenerate thoughts, and are severely mentally ill.

    However I think since it’s an uncurable disease they should be allowed to
    have sex in the privacy of their own homes, provided they don’t talk about
    it in public.

  6. Okay I understand why people now are people are being offended by this, but
    I must remind you that this is from the 50s, a completely different era,
    there is no point getting hung up on what USED to be, just accept that
    people thought differently then and be glad that the views on homosexuality
    and other things have changed for the better :)

  7. This is so awesome. I’m making my kid watch this immediately so he can
    beware of all the dirty homosexuals out there lurking under the pier!

  8. CaliforniaCheez on

    Those uncivilized sick perverts are out there every day trying to molest
    children for just to satisfy their deviant weirdo lusts. They are mentally
    ill criminals committing such molestations without any concern for damaged
    lives of the molested. If those evil AIDS carrying molesters were
    quarantined on an isolated island, eventually AIDS and deviant
    homosexuality would be eliminated and a thing of past barbaric times. 

  9. 1950s – 5 white kids and 1 black kid playing basketball
    2014 – 5 black kids and 1 white kid playing basketball

  10. The-Bonk- Master on

    I believe homosexuality is wrong, and that it will only increase as time
    goes on, but i try not to worry, just dont try to change my life and
    discriminate against me because of my beliefs, i used to be bullied by
    this, but not anymore as i talk about politics to people and change their
    mind. And just so you know… CHRISTIANS DONT HATE GAYS!!! Im sick of
    people thinking this, in the bible it says homosexuality is a sin, but it
    also says god loves all sinners. Every one of us sins, god will love a
    thief or a murderer just as much as he will love a gay, even though all 3
    are sinners.

  11. ROFL, this whole thing is hilarious. – “You’re getting probation, Jimmy!
    You poor, helpless, victimized piece of shit!”

  12. Ignoring the swapping of “homosexual” and “pedophile”, this documentary
    actually has some pretty good advice lol.

  13. Brittany Caron on

    every time they use the word “homosexual” needs to be replaced with
    “RAPIST”. THAT is the problem, not homosexuality.

  14. Rubee Jean Lovegood on

    This is dumb. Well, I understand the video and the people at the time were
    scared of anything that wasn’t a white, straight man. But if you’re alive
    today and you’ve had the privilege of education and independent thought and
    you still think this video is correct, then you are really very dumb. 

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