1. I’ve never seen a woman with a new born act the way Latoya does. It’s
    almost like she just popped the baby out her coochie and literally just
    threw her unto her family. This is a time where you should be binding and
    spending quality time with your new born yet you out partying and acting
    like a bunch of 18 year olds. And asking the random guy about who looks
    better? Seriously desperate much? You so petty sometimes. You need to sit
    your ass home and take care of your child. You are blessed to have a loving
    and helpful family but the message you sending to all your subscribers is
    that Samia is their responsibility NOT yours. I don’t even see an emotional
    bond/connection with this new born and it’s sad. Smh grow up Latoya. 

  2. When Adam said “their opinions don’t pay your bills” I laughed so hard …
    Lotoyas loyal subscribers actually do put money in your pockets and give
    her an income.. lol 

  3. Mthobi Neo Hlabangana on

    Hi Latoya, I’m usually not the type of person to comment on other people’s
    relationships but I think that you shouldn’t be suspicious about Adam and
    Ayana. He is your fiancé… She is your best friend. He loves you so much
    that he wants to marry you and he even had a child with you. Ayana has
    always been there for you and from what I see, she fully supports yours and
    Adam’s relationship. So please turn down, Latoya. You’re creating your own
    unnecessary drama…

  4. You know…… I keep tellin myself, “Chris, don’t read the comment
    section, don’t read the comment section”, every vlog, but I do it anyway.
    And the shit I read ultimately leaves me with a dent in my forehead,
    because of all the face palms. You ppl are so invested in this, that you
    have emotionally attached yourself to ppl you don’t know. This is an EDITED
    video ppl!! A lot of things are left out. You’re literally seeing a 20-30
    minute summary of her 24 hour day. You. Do. Not. Know. These. People.
    They’re are human, they have flaws and drama. Cause I know damn well, a lot
    of y’all have the same drama in your lives so stfu, please, just stfu.

  5. Wtf how are you gonna call your friend a hoe in front of everyone like that
    really latoya? you’re a snake ass friend. Ayanna be careful around latoya
    shes jealous of you and fake as fuck

  6. Latoya is so jealous of Ayanna…I get second hand embarrassment from
    watching. I get why Ayanna is acting coy. Neither Kevin nor Stud has made
    it official so what is she supposed to say? As far as she’s concerned she’s
    single until one of them steps up. But snake friend Latoilet can’t see that
    and is instigating as usual. I feel like I’m watching Teen Mom 3 : The
    Latoya Chapter. So damn immature.

  7. This ain’t real it’s staged because if it was Stud would’ve got knocked
    out!! I’m confused with Adam after he said everything he had to he then
    sips his tea erm OKAAY!.. sorry Latoya I love you but this is messed up all
    this drama please do mum like things not this shit it’s sooo boring now,
    please go home to your lovely baby she needs you more right now than these

  8. lekiesha golden on

    Latoya’s a PROSTITUTE!!!! AND A HOE!!!! Now how that shit feel? it ain’t
    funny, grown folks don’t play like that, quit throwing falsities and
    jealousy at your friend. Now wouldn’t you feel absolutely TERRRIBLE if you
    find out your man is conversing so much with your best friend because they
    are planning some sort of surprise for YOU. Also, you breaking all kinds
    of girl code left and right latoya, you should be on Ayanna’s side period,
    and if she’s wrong, you tell her, not blast her for everybody to see…
    Stud ain’t your friend, Kevin ain’t your friend. Ayanna is your friend.
    I’m so glad that gentleman didn’t give you the satisfaction of saying you
    looked better. And big UPS to STUD who answered Ayanna’s question as to
    what is she and he said BEAUTIFUL!!!

  9. You need to stop with this insecure shit for real. The Chantelle situation
    was understandable, but accusing your best friend and husband of something
    that ridiculous is going way too far. I don’t know how ayanna and Adam even
    sit there and put up with that shit. She works out with him, she your
    friend for over 10 years, is she not allowed to just chill with your hubby?
    You clearly have trust issues, carry on and you’ll lose them both.

  10. Samia is gonna love watching you’re vlogs when she’s a bit older, and see
    how ratchet her mother is :) I love how you get mad at Adam for talking to
    other women, but you can just give other men free dance shows, really love
    the way you throw your newborn baby into your family’s care, and ALSO JUST
    LOOVE how you treat your friends. You’re such a nice person Latoya! :) 

  11. MsPacheco Speaks on

    Wait wait wait.. did yall see her bend over likethat towards the end w
    kevin behind her.. being all sexual in her short ass dress..
    Also I don’t knoe but I’m gonna have to mail u something to keep ur lips

  12. liliana calderon on

    !!!! Seriously some help ya girl out!!! For YEARS ive been tryna search for
    that song that says “IM READY….” OMG NEED THE NAME OF THIS
    SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!PLS SOMEONE???

  13. Only ‘part’ of her day or not, edited video or not… Latoya’s kind of a
    bitch lol Why can’t she just be a little more decent? Or nice, once in a
    while. Instead of always insulting people, or pawning her baby onto someone
    else, being rude to Ayanna (or someone else), trying to start drama out of
    nothing, and always needing to be louder than everyone else in the room.
    Honestly, adults don’t act like that. You know that saying that basically
    says “rid your life of toxic people”, Latoya *is* one of those toxic
    people. Once you become a mother and take on that responsibility, it’s time
    to quit acting like such a child. Ugh lol 

  14. Those games that Latoya be playing with Ayanna…she would never do it to
    her other friends like Rochelle or Pony….she does it to Ayanna cuz every
    time she gets feisty with her.. Ayanna just laugh and giggle and act like
    she don’t know what just happened..my message is Ayanna please demand your
    respect and stop letting Latoya make you look like a fool….you keep
    making excuses about how you’ve known her forever and you know that she is
    just kidding…notice how she only treats you this way..Aunt Jillian sat
    Latoya down on the last vlog and warned her about calling you a hoe,
    prostitute and allowing NayNay to do the same… yet she did it again on
    this vlog…

  15. Jamaican Deeva on


  16. @21:31… latoya is rubbin her ass on stud n da yellow dude behind
    her..(-_-) tisk, tisk, latoya’s always callin her friends hoes,but she’s
    the one with the thot like actions…. no it was not an innocent mistake!

  17. I think Ayanna is just trying to keep it on the down low & keeping things
    PRIVATE, between her & Kevin, for now. Especially because, clearly, there
    are some people that she doesn’t want just continuously instigating &
    putting her life on blast, as they already are. Also, she is definitely
    letting all of this happen, but it’ll eventually blow up like that
    Ron-attack, that said, bring that out on Latoya already Ayanna!

  18. chocolatecheesecak3 on

    LaToya and Ayanna’s friendship reminds me of Nene and Cynthia’s friendship
    on The Real Housewives of Atlanta… Hopefully it doesn’t end up like
    theirs #FixItJesus 

  19. Omg every one using the “it’s only 20 minutes of her day” bit….yes..but
    it’s not 20 consecutive minutes. We see bits throughout the whole day, and
    she also tells us pretty much everything that’s happening. And just cause
    we didn’t see all ten hours that her family had HER newborn doesn’t take
    away from the fact that it happened. If she’s out to eat minus the baby u
    know the baby is being babysat for hours. Again just cause we don’t see
    every second of it means nothing. That is such a b.s. excuse. 

  20. Lauren Collins on

    Adam you lost me at the shade u throw,..at the end of the day the viewers
    are the ones who put money in latoya’ s pocket…if she didn’t want
    opinions then don’t upload videos..simple..and go find a 9-5 job, but oh
    wait they are going to have opinions too..and I’m damn sure the put money
    in ur pocket to pay ur damn bills. 

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