10 Science Experiments You Can Do at Home Compilation


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  1. Narendra Jagda on

    Find the 9

  2. Guillaume ZAWADA on

    The pin thing is because there is many contacts, so the baloon’s weight is
    devided on the 100 pins (i’m 12 btw;)

  3. Ok im only 12 but i know why the water is doing that i have science on my
    side. First its call the LeidenFrost Effect. Since its so hot the water
    evaporates so fast it make steam that is under the water droplets to make
    them look like there floating its really cool because the same thing
    happends when u put youre bare hand in liquid nitrogen im not saying go
    around and stick youre hand in liquid nitrogen but u can for a verry verry
    small peiriod the nitrogen is so cold and with such warm blood in youre
    body it evaporates quiet quickly you cant keep it on youre hand for more
    than a couple seconds. Any ways the water is so hot it evaporates right? So
    the water sits on the steam and thats why the water was doing that. Thanks
    for youre time reading this

  4. when he did the one with the alcohol and other liquids and a cup, who else
    A CUP WITH THE LI-QU-IIDS!’ ?! or am I the only one?!

  5. Aida Marie Mohamad on

    For the milk one,the chemical of the soap makes the milk go all funny so
    the food colouring becomes like art.

  6. Fire N' Lightnin' on

    the cans implode because the steam in the cans is hot, so that means the
    molecules are very spaced apart.
    when you put the can on the water it blocks all entry and exit holes the
    air or steam could fit through, which means when it’s cooled back down from
    the ice, it make the steam molecules come closer together which creates a
    vacuum inside the can. the can isn’t strong enough to sustain the vacuum
    therefore it implodes. :D

  7. Pixelmonteam on

    Ok, so how the one with the glass and you poured everything in, its called
    suspension. The more denser liquid goes on the bottom and the less dense
    goes to the top. Try with some vodka, baileys, etc.

  8. Mason Monkey on

    The first one happens because of something really hot hits something really
    cold it has a reaction

  9. UltimateGoliath WoJ. on

    It implodes be us the cold water quickly dolls the hot air in the can,
    since cold air is dense, (or gets dense when cooled),it shrinks, and u get
    the implosion

  10. AwesomeToySurprises on

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  11. Amelia Cairns on

    Awesome!!! Sheldon Cooper? I love the big bang theory!!! Oh is so cute!!!
    Also Oh’s personality matches Sheldon Cooper’s because they are both smart,
    funny, and they both make a few mistakes.

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